Find a location/POI

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The POI/Location Search

Check out this video to look for a POI


Step by step

Two main options to look for POIs

  1. Type in an address or location in the Google-window at the bottom left corner of the map: you will zoom in on that area, and you will see the POIs of RouteYou (zoom out in case you don't see any)
  2. Type in a keyword in the search-window on the right and select Search. You get a list of POIs which "fit the keyword

An alternative option is to use the QuickSearch, and select the sub-tab Locations.

Point of Interest nearby...

On the RouteViewer-page (look at this example) and on the Location-page (look at this example), you will find a list of Places of Interest Nearby. At the bottom of the list, you also get an options to look for more locations/attractions/POIs.


For a list of the RouteYou functionalities per type of account: have a look at the RouteYou Functionality Overview per accounttype.

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