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Case 1: Someone else's POI (point of interest) already exists and you want to add a photo to it

You will see that the Name and Type of the sight are already filled in. You can change those if you wish but usually it won't be necessary.
Scroll down and click on the item 'Images, videos'. Read more here.

Case 2: A POI (place of interest) of yours already exists without a photo and you want to add a photo to it

Here we explain the case where you have already created a POI (so it is yours) but it does not have a picture yet. And you now wish to add a photo to it.

Adding images and videos

Using the dropdown list under 'Type', you can choose whether you want to add a video or pictures.


Videos cannot be uploaded directly but you can easily upload them to YouTube or Vimeo and then add the link here.

If you want to link audio files to a POI, we recommend putting them in a YouTube or Vimeo video and linking them here.

Optionally, you can put the name of the source and a link to it. Caution! You are not allowed to take photos of others just like that (see copyright).

Linking multiple pictures to one POI

You can add multiple pictures to one POI. This can be done as follows:

  1. When editing your POI, click the header "Images, videos".
  2. Add a first photo. Don't forget to confirm that copyright is OK.
  3. You will see a green link "+ Add". Click that link and add a photo + confirm that copyright is OK.
  4. Repeat


Find photos of others that you can use

If you want to add other people's pictures you need to be sure that you have their permission. But how do you know? Google can help you with that. Via Advanced Search (click on this link) you can set options under "User rights". There you can indicate that you are looking for sources that are "unrestricted use or sharing". Usually you have to specify the authorization. But you can do that on RouteYou with every photo.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

I add a POI link but the picture is not added.

The most common problems are

  1. The photo is too large in size (>2000 * 2000 pixels) causing the upload to take too long and therefore drop out.
    > Solution: make the photo smaller in pixels.
  2. The URL of the page the photo is on, but not the source of the photo itself.
    > Solution: read the procedure as described above: click on the photo with the right mouse button and then copy the link to the photo (address).

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