Add an Image to a POI

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There are 2 methods to add a picture to a POI

Method 1: Add a picture to a POI directly

Once you added your picture, and you go back to the main location page, you don't see your picture yet due to caching. You will see it withing 48 hours. To see what is stored in the database (the non-cached info) click on (1) (see image above).

Method 2: You can add a picture to a POI when you create route

How to copy the URL of the Image

  1. Go with the mouse to an image on a website.
  2. Click right mouse button.
  3. Go to properties.
  4. You get the properties-window. Indicate with your mouse the entire URL next to address(URL) (starts with http:// and ends with .jpg).
  5. Click on right mouse button and select "Copy".

Paste the URL in POI form

  1. Go with the mouse to the form field of the POI form with "URL" next to it, and click on it to locate the cursor in that form field.
  2. Top left of your browser has a menu item "Edit". Select it and then choose "Paste".
  3. Now save and you're done.

Provide the Source

If the picture is not yours, you have to enter the source you got it from. The source can be either a name or a URL from the sources website.

Get the URL of a picture from Picasa

Picasa has a specific method to provide you the URL of a picture.

  1. Log in on Picasa
  2. Go to one of YOUR pictures
  3. To the right of the picture, you get a few options. Do NOT select Link, but DO select Embed image
  4. Select the option Image Only (no link)
  5. Below Embed image, you can select the URL to copy
  6. It is best to adapt the resolution: Seelct MEDIUM 400 (or more)

The result is a URL of the form

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