Add extra Waypoint

How to add an extra Waypoint

Suppose you have already 4 points (let's call them a,b,c,d). You would ike to make a detour between point b and c. Click on the point b to activate it (it becomes red). Click now on place on the map to indicate an extra viapoint (between b and c). The route will be calcualted between point b and c via your newly added point.

Why adding an extra Waypoint

Adding extra Waypoints allows you to adapt the route to your liking.

E.g. The routing between two points does not bring you along a specific path but you know or you want to pass along that specific path. You can solve this by just adding an extra Waypoint along that path.

There is still the possibility that the path you like to pass is not in the network. In that case, you can switch off routing.

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