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The routing options, what do they do?

When you go from A to B as a race cyclist, or as a hiker, you want to get quite different paths. But that's also the case for a recreational cyclists, a jogger, MTBer,... When you plan a route on the RouteYou RoutePlanner, the several routing options allow you to plan a route to your liking based on your recreational modus or other characteristics and preferences. 

How to change routing options and why?

On the menu (left) of the RoutePlanner, you will see the option Routing. There you can select another type of routing. 

When you add a waypoint or reposition it, you will see the effect of a change in routing type.

More background about the routing options

Each part of the routable network has been classified according to suitability for bicycles, pedestrians, motorised vehicles,... It does not only allow you to calculate the shortest and fastest but also the nicest route (read here more about it).

If you want full control about planning your route you can switch off the routing.

Overview of the routing types


What type of routing should I use for a car

The best routing to use for a car is the option:

The path calculated for Motor are roads you can always enter by car. So depending on your goal, you select, shortest, fasters or nicest.

For leasure urposes (e.g. a tour to do with oldtimes cars,...) we advize you to select Motor - nicest (read here more about it).

The moment you save the route, you can still indicate if it is a car route, or specifically an oldtime route,...

In which areas can be routed ?

Routing Area

Recreational cycling - nicest, shortest
Hiking - nicest, shortest
Mountainbike - nicest, shortest
Race cycling - nicest, shortest
Motor - nicest, shortest, fastest
Gravel bike - nicest, shortest
Inline skating - nicest,shortest
Shortest - OSM (exept Africa)

Recreational cycling - nicest (only paved)
Race cycling (with car) - nicest, shortest




Recreational cycling - node network
Hiking - node network


Race cycling - shortest (avoid climbs)

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