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This page gives you an overview and an introduction to the RouteYou platform

Context and goal of RouteYou

RouteYou is all about recreational routes (walks, hikes, cycling tours, motor routes,....) .

The Complete Tour

The goal of the RouteYou platform is to provide the enduser but also professional organisations a complete solution for recreational routes: from creation to spreading to execution to sharing to maintaining. The graph below shows you the complete leisure cycle as we see it. We call it "The Complete Tour"

Het RouteYou platform

  1. The pre-experience
  2. Execute the route
  3. The Post-experience
  4. Feed-back fase

Community site with a lot of qualitative routes from professionals & prosumers

RouteYou allows everybody to be creative with routes, make them, share them, promote them on RouteYou or any other site or blog. This means that as well professionals as semi-professionals as amateurs can make these routes

RouteYou is not a creator of routes, but a facilitator to do so: a platform to allow authors and organisations to create, present, share and maintain there routes. And a lot of authors and organisations are making use of this. There are more than 4 million routes available on the platform. Read more aboute the quality and the quality evaluation of a route.

Introduction by example

  1. Explore a route with the RouteViewer: Look at this example.. Click on the POIs to see the extra inforamtion.
  2. Download the route as a print: This is an example od a detailed map print, including POIs. You can find more information here how to adapt the print.
  3. Download the route as GPS track: After selecting the download button, you get to the product page (this is an example), where you can select one of the options to download the route on the GPS
  4. Show the route on your own website or blog: Here is an example (scroll down to the middle of the page). Read here how you can do this.
  5. Plan and create your own route. Read here more about it

RouteYou: the company

Read here more about the company RouteYou


How do you pronounce "RouteYou"

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