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This page gives you an overview of what the RouteYou platform (website, application, plug-ins, etc.) offers and what you can do with the RouteYou platform and the RouteYou tools.

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Background to RouteYou

RouteYou focuses on recreational routes (bike tours, walks, motorbike routes, horse riding tours, etc.).

Everyone likes to travel on recreational or informative routes (by bike, by foot, on rollerblades, on a motorbike, on horseback, etc.). But what are the nicest paths to follow, the most interesting places to see or the routes that suit your tastes?

RouteYou offers you great recreational routes (more than 5,600,000!) to:

When it comes to recreational routes, you don’t want the shortest route, but the most beautiful one, preferably one that takes you via interesting places. Once you have planned or found a route, you can print it out and/or upload it to a GPS device or smartphone. You can also share the route with your club or community on the RouteYou website or integrate it into your own website or blog.

The routes are classified by type (mountain biking, Nordic walking, hiking, 4x4, ...) and by theme (cycling classics, nature, heritage, architecture, ...). They are also labelled (unpaved, signposted, suitable for children, etc.) so that everyone can find the route that suits them best. In addition, this allows you to manage your routes and other data properly. In other words, RouteYou is also a CMS (Content Management System), specifically for your routes and points of interest (POIs).

Purpose of the platform: the complete cycle

Het RouteYou platform

The aim of the RouteYou platform is to offer both end users and organisations a solution for the entire leisure or recreational cycle.

  1. The pre-experience
    • Search for a route (‘which routes match my specific preferences’) – read more.
    • Find out more about a route (‘is this route suitable for me?’) – read more.
    • Be persuaded to do a route (‘this route seems appropriate, but do I want to do it on my only free afternoon of the week or month?’) – read more.
    • Create your own route – read more.
    • Share a route with your club members or friends – read more.
  2. The execution
    • Get on the road with a map – read more.
    • Get on the road with a GPS – read more.
    • Get on the road with a smartphone – read more.
    • Get directions along the route – read more.
    • Get information about places of interest along the route – read more.
    • Save a route/journey – read more.
  3. The after experience
    • Record and share your activity – read more.
    • Add comments and notes on someone else’s route – read more.
    • Upload the route you travelled – read more.
    • Edit your uploaded route – read more.
  4. The feedback phase
    • Correct a route – read more.
    • Give feedback through active crowdsourcing – read more.
    • Improve network and type of routing – read more.
    • Analyse the routes viewed/travelled/used/downloaded – read more.

With this platform we want to offer both the amateur user and professionals the opportunity to not only create informative and recreational routes (walking, cycling, horse riding, motorcycling, ...), but also to share them, maintain them, travel them and receive feedback from other users. And all this via the web, GPS, smartphones or a printed map. We help the user to find not only the shortest and fastest route, but also the prettiest. This is the domain of route planners and routing technology. In addition, interesting information about the places along the route is offered in several different categories. For example, you can plan a cycle tour with places of interest related to geology, history, literature, nature and so much more.

Who is RouteYou intended for?

RouteYou offers a solution for:

RouteYou products

Many of the solutions described above can be used free of charge via the RouteYou platform. But for individuals and organisations that want to go further, we have a range of products that fully meet your needs.

See an overview of all RouteYou products here.

The wide range of routes and their quality

RouteYou allows anyone to create, display, share and promote routes on their platform. This means that both professional and semi-professional users, as well as purely recreational users, can create and share routes:

RouteYou is not an author of routes, but a platform where authors and organisations can create and propose routes. This has already been used with great success, as there are more than 5 million routes offered worldwide. Read more about the quality of the routes.

Some industry professionals also ask us to create routes or maps for them. Contact sales[at-r.] if you are interested.

Introduction to RouteYou

If you want to know more about using, creating and managing routes, please:

RouteYou as a company

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