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Copyright of information on

Routes and POIs created by authors are linked to "creative commons attribution 2.0 of Belgium".

This is also expressed in the "Terms of Use" agreed by the users on RouteYou. Read here the "Terms of Use".

Copyright of specific routes on RouteYou created by professional authors or organisations

Routes and POIs provided on RouteYou by specific professional organisations are not available as "creative commons attribution 2.0 of Belgium". These are specific agreements made between RouteYou and those organisations. In case of doubt, please contact sales[at-r.].

Are you allowed to make existing routes on RouteYou?

General rule

The author and owner of a route defines what can be done with that information. In general, you have to contact the owner who designed the route to make sure.

Advice and suggestions

A lot of issues about the copyright of routes is "grey". Sometimes the name of a route is regisered, and you are not allowed to use the name. Some rules are different per country.

A few guidelines

  1. The specific selection of a set of roads and paths is the intellectual property of an author (or the organisation who owns the route).
  2. Nobody can forbid you to drive a track and route and record it with your GPS. If this is exactly the same selection of roads and paths as an existing route, you better refer to it in your route introduction, as source
  3. Frequently, the name of a route is registered. In that case, you are not allowed to use the same title of the route. You should take a different name, and refer to it in your description as "based on route XYZ".
  4. If you add specific information, specific start-point and end-point, specific description, specific set of POIs, detours... than you create a new set of content. You compile a new item based on a set of existing pieces of information. Even in that case, it is recommendable to mention your sources. A good place to do this is in the introduction of a route.

Your responsibility as author on RouteYou

As author of information (routes, POIs) on RouteYou, you are responsible about the content, and you should respect the copyright and IP of the sources you use.

Report copyright abuse on RouteYou

If you notice a problem related to copyright violation, please let us know and contact us using the button 'contact us' in the right hamburgermenu.

Please mention if you have the copyright ownership and please indicate the specific information on the site.

RouteYou will contact the author of the information and inform him/her about the issue. RouteYou reserves the right to remove any route or content or put it on private in case there is copyright violation or even an assumption of copyright violation.

If needed, RouteYou reserves the right to remove a user and all its related content from the site, and will collaborate with the authorities to prosecute violaters of copyright.

A bit entertainment to put copyright and creativity in perspective

Check out this talk on TED.COM about creativity.

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