Route info wrong

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What you can do if information about a route is wrong

These are the several options

What we do in case of severe problems related to a route

What's a severe problem?

A severe problem is a problem that can cause issues related to:

What we do

We take the following immediate actions the moment we know about the problem

  1. We put the route immediately on private (read more about that here) so only the author can still see the route but nobody else
  2. We inform the author about the problem and request to adapt the route or to delete it (read here about how to delete your own route)
  3. The author is allowed to put the route public again in case the problem is solved
  4. In case of repetition, RouteYou can take further actions such as removign the account and all the content of that author. 

Copyright violation

Read here what to do in case of Copyright violations

Offensive information...

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