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Meaning of public & private routes

You can share your route with the community (everybody), keep your route private or just share it with members of your group. Beware that if you put your routes private, there are a few things you can't do such as:

How to make a route public or private

  1. Log in, if this is not the case yet
  2. Select MySpace, in the main menu: You will see a page with your routes. Select one of your routes.
  3. Click 'Edit'. 
  4. Click 'Basic data'.
  5. Now you can set your route private or public. Click 'Confirm' (or press ENTER).

How can I see if a route is public or private

If you go to a route, you will see below the title in the header the info "Private" or "Public"

If you are not logged in, you can only see public routes. If you are logged in you can also see private routes.

Private/public visibility in lists

When you are logged in and searching in lists, you can always see whether your route is public or private.

Routes that are private have a red eye with a line through it.
Public routes have a green eye.

Sharing private routes with friends or club members

Suppose you have a set of routes, but you only want to share them with a few people (=members of your group), and don't share them with the rest of the RouteYou community.

How to do it

To realize this, carry out the following steps:

  1. Create a group. Read here how to do this.
  2. Set the attribute Visibility of the group on "Hidden". This has the effect that nobody, except you and members of you group can see the group, and the private routes linked to that group. Read here how to do this.
  3. Add members to your group. Those members will also see the private routes of that group. Read here how to add memebers to your group.
  4. Invite those members to register or log on on RouteYou (using the email you entered).Here they can read how to do this.
  5. Create a route you want to share with your group members. Read here how to create a route.
  6. Set the route as private. Read here how to do this.
  7. Link the route to the group you created. Read here how to do this.

How "members" can find, view and download the route

For obvious reasons, the route will not be displayed when you try to find it using the search options.

If your memebers want to see the route of your hidden group, they should take the following steps:

  1. Log on. But first register if that is not the case yet. Read here how to do this.
  2. Go to your page My Space (main menu).
  3. There you will see the list of routes you created and you are member of, including the hidden groups.
  4. Select the hidden group with private routes.
  5. You will see the groupspage and you will also see the private routes displayed on that group page. Selecte the route of interest to see the route in more detail.
  6. You can also print and download the route.

Problems and FAQs

Is there a cost to keep your route or group private?

No, there is no cost.

Private on RouteYou but public on a website?

You are not allowed to plug in your route in a public website (using the RouteViewer Plugin), and keep the route private on RouteYou. If you do want to do this, please contact sales[at-r.].

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