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What is a shareable link

A shareable link is a URL to a route or event that is private. Normally a private route can only be consulted by the author (read more about that here). But if you are sent to that route via a shareable link, you will be able to see that route. 

With a shareable link you can selectively share a route with a specific audience while keeping that route hidden from the general public. 

What's the use of it?

For example, some authors or organizations wish to share a route with only members or persons who registered for an event. Otherwise they would like to keep the route hidden.
A shareable link can also be used for events. For example, there are organizations that wish to set up a event for a select audience via RouteYou.

The shareable link is a handy trick to keep certain information accessible but hidden.

How do you make use of this?

You must have a Premium account to use this functionality. Upgrade here to a RouteYou Premium account if you don't have one already.

Generate a sharable link

Find and share the shareable link

You can now find the shareable link in two locations:

  1. The shareable link is directly available in the route information section below the photo carousel and author citation. If you consult the route from a desktop or tablet, you can find this information at the top of the right column. In case of an event, you will find the shareable link below the author reference and above the photo (if available).
    • You can click on the shareable link and a pop-up will appear from which you can copy the link directly.
  2. Go back to the basic data: via the pencil + basic data.
    • In the Visibility section you will now see the URL of the shareable link.
    • You can copy and distribute it via a medium of your choice and to a select audience.

      Two ADDITIONAL OPTIONS appear here:
      1. Generate new shareable link: useful if, for example, the link has already been passed on too many times and you want to generate a new link. In that case, the old shareable link will no longer work, but you can pass on the new link again.
        Please note that any prints with QR codes referring to the old sharable link will no longer be accessible. The only option to keep these old maps usable is to make the route public.
      2. Delete shareable link: in this case the route becomes completely 'Private' again and the old shareable link will no longer work. You can keep the route private or you can also choose to make it public.

An example

This is a private route.  If you share that link, you as a user will receive the message that you do not have permission to access that page. 

This is a route with a shareable link.  In this case you can consult the private route.

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