Email problems

You expect an email from RouteYou, but don't receive it? These tips may help:

  1. Some e-mail programs and providers may classify automatically sent emails as spam (junk mail). In that case your email won't end up in your inbox, but in a different folder. This folder can have several names, such as "Spam", "Junk", "Unwanted messages", ... Check that folder for the email.
  2. If you entered the email address yourself, it is possible you made an error. Try it again and check the email address carefully before submitting.
    • When registering your RouteYou account: if you see a confirmation page, your email address was incorrect the first time. In that case a new activation mail will be sent to the right address. If you get an error stating that the email address is already in use, the address was correct the first time, and the problem lies elsewhere.
    • In other cases: the email will be sent again. If you haven't received this email after some time either, the problem lies elsewhere.
  3. Still having trouble? Contact us using the button 'contact us' on this page at the right.

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