Improve your route

Here you can read how to improve your route.

How to edit/change your route if you saved it already

Read here how to edit your route when you saved it already.

You route is just one straight line or a few straight lines

If your route is a straight line, it might be due to the following causes:
  1. the routing option was not switched on when planning a route (read here how you can switch the routing option and adapt it)
  2. the routering was done over a large distance (read here how you can solve this)
  3. the routering stopped after 30 sec (read here how to solve this)
  4. the routing option is not (yet) active for this area(read here how you can switch off the routing and draw your track by hand)

Your route has no POIs (Point of interest)

Here you can read how to create POIs along your route.

Add Pictures to your POIs

Here you can read how to add pictures to your route.

Classify your route

By linking your route to specific groups (themes and characteristics), your route can be found back in an easier way. Read here why linking your route to groups is beneficial

Quality of a route

At the end, all of this leads to a (better) quality score, marked by stars. Read here about the effect of getting a higher quality rating for your route and how your route can get more stars

Message about removal of your trial route

What's the problem

RouteYou is a community site where everybody can share the routes with eachother. We try to promote the good quality routes. This is done by marking the routes with quality stars.

If try-outs remain public, users are confronted with these routes, which is not very useful.

You will receive a mail if our software classifies your route as a try-out route, so you can take action before we remove the route.

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