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What's the author score

The author score gives an indication how 'good' or 'experienced' the author is, related to the routes and other information created on RouteYou. You can see the author score by going to the user page (check out this example).

The different levels





Expert Master


A Silverback is a gorilla. When the gorilla grows older, he gets a distinctive patch of silver hair on his back. The Silverback is the strong, dominant troop leader. This name is meant as a joke, so don't take this author classification too serious.

How is it calculated and how to get to a higher level

The score calculation is based on the activity of a user/author. The main influencing parameters are

So the best way to get to a higher author level is to create a lot of qualitative routes (read here more about this) or to improve your routes

Some examples of Silverbacks

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