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What is an event (on RouteYou) and why should you make use of it?

An event is a happening always linked to a specific route (your route or a route of another author) where you would like to invite people. This can be very limited (e.g. your club members) or very extended (e.g. an international walking or cycling event). Typical examples of events on RouteYou are:

In that case, creating an event on RouteYou is the thing to do! And it is free!

How to create an event?

Characteristics of an event


Type of events


Adding your event to a group

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How to find an event?

You can find an event (or your event can be found) in the following ways:

Participate in an event

On the Activity-page of a route, you can as well see the Events (if they exist linked to this route) as the Activities (Read here more about Activities).

You can indicate if you will join the event, selecting the button "I participate".

If you select that link, the participant gets the following options 


Report misuse

Organizations (small, big, commercial or non-commercial) organizing events related to routes on RouteYou are encouraged to create and publish events on RouteYou. Spammers, or hidden publicity tricks of products, ideas or organizations incorrectly linked to a route will be removed. We will contact you in the case this happens. In case of repetition, we will take juridical action.

In case you notice misuse, please contact us via 

Wrong info related to the event

The author of the event is responsible for the correct info he/she publishes about the event. No claims can be made to RouteYou for wrong info related to these events. Nevertheless, RouteYou will do all possible actions to correct or remove incorrect information related to the events. Please contact if you notice inforrect information. 


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