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What's an activity?


An activity is the planned or realized execution of a route. So, it can be something of the past or the future.


Info you can enter/see per activity

It has the following info:

Where can you see activities? 

You see activities on the following pages:

  1. Each route has a tab Activity, showing the public activities created on that route by a user (check out this example)
  2. Each author-page has a tab Activity showing the public activities of that author (check out this example)
  3. When you log in (read here how to log in), you will find your activities via
    1. "My Space/My Content/My News" (default) -> see heading "Recent activities on my routes"
    2. "My Space/My Content/My Activity" -> a summary of your activities in a graph and a detailed list of all your activities

Info you can see on the activity graph


The title bar of the activity graph show the link -/+ configure. When you select this link you can enter a few paramaters to configure the graph.

Info you can see per route

Per route, there is an Activity overview page. You will find it as an extra tab, called "Activity" on the route-page.

You get the following info:


Planned activies/finished activities

List of planned activities (vs activities which are done) with following info:

Top 10 performances

List of activities on this route with fastest speed in the past (not planned!)

Activities on your routes

You can see if somebody used or is planning to use you route. Log in and you will get to your personal news page. There the news of "Recent activities on my routes" is shown.

React to the user of your route

You can react to the user of your route, or any other route via the Activity, because each activity has a "React"-link. When you write a messsage, that message will be posted (public!) on the Activity-page and will be sent to the author of the activity.


For a list of the RouteYou functionalities per type of account: have a look at the RouteYou Functionality Overview per accounttype.

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