Improve your POI

How to improve your POI

Here are a few tips how you can improve your POI. But learning by example is always easy, so take a look at this good example.

Here are the top things to do in order of importance

  1. Make sure the text of your POI is not too short and not too long (typical about 150 chars)
  2. Add a picture to your text
  3. Define the characteristics of your POI by means of linking it to groups (read here how to do this)
  4. Classify your POIs by means of Themes, or by means of your own groups (read here how to do this)
  5. Describe the sources of your text and picture
  6. Translate the text in another language (read here how to do this)
  7. Improve as an author: the better you are overall, the higher the score of your work (read here how to do this).
  8. Improve the groups you own or are linked to

Why it makes sense to improve your POI

The better your POI is, the more it will be "exposed" on RouteYou. The better your score will be. The better the score of your routes will be,...

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