Definition of a POI

The POIs (Place of Interest) is something interesting to tell, to see or to do at a certain location.

Concept of POI vs a Location

The choice made by RouteYou is that there can be many POIs on top of one Location. Read here the definition of a Location as seen by RouteYou.

This means that you "share" the Location with others, but you can add and edit your own POIs.

A POI is just one text linked to a specific location in its most simple form. But that is a bit limited. So here are a few other things you can "add" to your POI:

These links provide extra information about the POI.

A POI has always ONE owner (could be you). A Location has no owner (or you could see RouteYou as the owner).

The use of POIs

Two approches vs a POI:

Depending on the use (see above), the POI has more or less attributes and possibilities.

Attributes of a POI

Things you can do with a POI

Things you can do with a POI in Route-Mode


For a list of the RouteYou functionalities per type of account: have a look at the RouteYou Functionality Overview per accounttype.

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