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How do you create a place of interest?

Select 'Add a place of interest' from the main menu.

The basic data

Listed below is the minimal amount of information you need to enter when creating a place of interest.

Extra information


In the 'References' block you can add the following information:


You can enter the address in a structured way if you think it is relevant. This address will also be shown in the information about the place of interest. See an example here.

The 'Mark on the map' button allows you to place your point of interest on the map, based on the address entered.
The 'Retrieve from the map' button does the opposite. This button will only appear if you have previously marked a point on the map.


This lets you decide what colour the icon of your point of interest should be. This function is only accessible with a Premium account or higher. 

Images, videos

You can attach photos and videos to your POI. There are several ways to do this: find out here.

Create multiple places of interest

At the bottom of the page you will see the option 'After this, add another place of interest'. This option is useful when you need to create a set of POIs.

Combine this with the option to turn on your reference route (learn more here). This way you can easily pinpoint places along a route you have travelled.

Adding your own information to an existing place of interest

You can add your own information to any existing POI. There are two ways of doing this:

  1. Via a POI on a route:
    Most routes have several places of interest. If you click on these POIs you will see a 'More information' button, which will take you to the POI page. 
  2. By searching for a place of interest:
    Learn how to search for a place of interest. Clicking on a POI will bring you to the corresponding POI page.

At the top of the POI page you will see a pencil leading to a drop-down menu where you can edit the information for that place of interest.

Select the option 'Create > Add data'. You will now be redirected to the page, where you can add your own information.

Translating places of interest

Read more here

Pinpointing a POI with an exact geographical coordinate

Entering coordinates

During the creation of a place of interest you can enter an address at the top right corner of the map in order to search for a specific location. But you can also enter coordinates in decimal degrees, as in the example below.

Please note that the first number is the LATITUDE followed by the LONGITUDE. 

Retrieving a coordinate of an existing place of interest

Find out how to do this here.

Convert degrees, minutes and seconds to decimal degrees

When you have coordinates in the notation degrees, minutes, seconds you have to convert them to decimal degrees.

Click here for a website where you can convert the coordinates. You can also do this in Excel.

Video tutorial

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