Linking to your website/blog

How to link to your website or blog?

On RouteYou there are several options to link to your website.

<strong>Important remark:</strong>
Just linking to your website without relationship to the activitity of RouteYou 
(e.g. routes you created, POIs you created,...), 
but as a simple and cheap way of publicity to your website will not be tolerated. 
The item (group, route, remark,...) will be removed by RouteYou in these cases..

The method to link is to put a link as a html link.

You should describe the link as

<a href="">Check my amazing website where you find more info about this trip</a> 

There are several options to put such a link to your website on RouteYou Put it in the link

Other alternatives to link to your website

Check out the option to put you in the picture on RouteYou via advertisement. Read here more about it.

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