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Are you frequently publishing information about walks, hikes, cycling routes, places to visit,... on your own website, your social media channel, your video channel? Keep on reading, because we would like to set up a great collaboration between you, your readers and our users on RouteYou.

Why would you partner with RouteYou?

We frequently get the question of bloggers/vloggers if and how they can link or publish their content (or a part of it) on RouteYou. But why would/should you do this? We give you three very good reasons: 

  1. People can go and experience what you are talking about
    • You provide a great functional extension of your info to your readers of what you are talking about in your blog/vlog/social media message.
    • People can go and experience what you are talking about - they can click and navigate the route you are talking about or explore the set of Points of Interest
    • They can store your route or POIs in their collection as a kind of recipe book for future trips
    • You can display your route(s) and/or points of interest in your website/blog via our great set of plugins
    • You can limit the info to your followers, or push it out as content marketing (see next item -> creating exposure) 
  2. We can create great exposure for your content to a target group of walkers, cyclists, motorbikers,...
    • You can use a subset of your content to trigger readers to your blog/vlog/social media channel...
      • Every route or POI can have a link "More information" to get to your other channel(s)
    • We have > 25 million visits per year (read more about the stats on RouteYou). A big part will be interested in your story and we can push it to them
    • We can publish interesting info also in our newsletter (read more about it here)
  3. We give you a great content management environment and toolset to create more easily extra content
    • We allow you to create routes (walks, hikes, ... ) anywhere in the world with our advanced RoutePlanner, providing output in digital and analogue formats (including roadbooks, guides, maps,...)
    • You can integrate this output in your publications (digital or analogue), free of charge and royalty rights that cover your usage of the maps
    • You can create Point of interests and routes and use them privately or publicly. 
    • You can structure your content in any dimension you like so you can (re-)use the info in the way you like it to create extra thematic dimensions  

A win for you and a win for us

We can provide you with this great set of tools + promote you free of charge in our extended RouteYou-community in exchange of exposure in your channels

You want to exchange some ideas? Make here an appointment at an appropriate time for you and discuss how we can help eachother out

A match on the level of content

It is of course essential that there is a good match between your subject of your blog/vlog and the topic RouteYou is dealing with (outdoor routes and activities). 

Here are some great examples of a good match. 

Getting started

Here is how you get started:

  1. Create an account Read here how to do this
  2. Select a (part of your) story of your blog linked to a route or place and copy it.
    1. Create a route of your article is linked to a route. Read here how to do this
    2. Create a location and add/paste your text. Read here how to do this

Done. Make your POI as good as possible (pictures, links, classifications,...) because it will get a higher rating and more exposure.

You can follow-up your exposure via statistics. Read here how to do this

News item

If your blog/article is linked to the RouteYou activity but not exactly linked to a place or a route, you can also create a Newsitem. Read more about it here how to do this.

We don't pay for content

We frequently get questions of people writing articles or blogs to publish their info. You can see below how you can do that and when it is alllowed and NOT allowed.

We also frequently get the question to pay for an article or blog. We don't do that.

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