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RouteYou context

To estimate what RouteYou can do for you in terms of marketing, we'd like to give you some insight into the kind of users RouteYou has and the quantities. Therefore, first some context about RouteYou:

General introduction

For a general introduction to RouteYou, surf to this page or click here for the RouteYou MediaKit.

Target audience RouteYou (profiles)

RouteYou is a platform with recreational routes as its core. We attract both a lot of users and creators/providers of those recreational routes. In other words, it's about:

To get a better and broader understanding of the context of RouteYou and the approach, you should also read this page.

Here you can get more insight into the profile of the users.

RouteYou in figures

To be able to assess the impact of what RouteYou can do for you in terms of marketing here are the figures on where and how intensively RouteYou is used.

How to do promotion?

There are numerous ways to promote your information (routes, poi's, ...), products or services on RouteYou.
We distinguish two different forms of promotion: advertising on the website or promoting your information itself (content marketing).

For an overview of the most interesting and effective options, check out our RouteYou Advertising Promokit.

Advertising on the website

Promote your products, services or arrangements using classic banners in ad campaigns aimed at RouteYou visitors that match your target audience.

Let us set up an ad campaign for you and get full control over the target group you want to reach and the specific pages where your ads should appear. You can also book an ad campaign exclusively for some of your routes or poi's and promote for example your hotel, B&B, a cycling or walking package or a special offer. 

We offer 3 different banner positions and formats and two types of targeting options. You decide how much budget you allocate and when and also to which users (language, country, type of activity,...) you want your ad to be shown.

Read more about booking website campaigns.

Content marketing

Promote your routes, points of interest (POIs), events and cycling, walking or other recreational networks to our visitors.

At RouteYou, we communicate regularly with our users, and as a professional organization, you too can benefit from this. By actively sharing your content via RouteYou, you can generate a lot of exposure. Every day, every week and every month, we push the best content to our RouteYou community via notifications, news items, profile-oriented mailings and digital newsletters.

If your product is directly or indirectly linked or associated with routes and places, then you should offer routes and POIs on RouteYou. Those routes and POIs are continuously searched and used on RouteYou. Annually, they are viewed more than 100 million times in total. And those numbers are still growing every day.

By publishing routes, POIs, or even recreational networks on RouteYou and sharing them with our community, you can bring this information to the attention of our visitors for free. All you need to do is create a free RouteYou Account and start publishing your information in your own MyRouteYou channel. Read more about creating a free account and publishing content on RouteYou.

If you are a professional organization with a lot of content that would like to publish its information on RouteYou, but want us to do the work for you, we can set up a Content Partnership and give you a quote to create a professional MyRouteYou channel for you with maximum visibility for all your content. Read more about Content Partnerships.

Generate additional exposure

If you want to create additional exposure for some of your routes or poi's, or for your information channel as a whole, here are some options: 

Follow up of your content marketing

On your account you can follow the statistics about the use of your content on RouteYou. For example, you can see how much exposure you got through your content. Read more about that here.

Promote your brand/product/partners on maps

On the printed routes, you can also highlight your brand, products and/or partners with Print Branding. [Help=604]Read more about that here.

As an umbrella organization, let your members and component organizations do the promotion for you

With an umbrella agreement you can, as an umbrella organization, offer your sub-organizations and/or members extra services via RouteYou. This not only creates satisfied members and sub-organizations but also gives you enormous visibility as an umbrella organization. And all that just by facilitating. [Help=646]Read more about it here[/help].

Promotion through gamification

The Bucket List Challenge uses gamification to put your region / product / brand in the spotlight within the large, active RouteYou community. Read all about it here.

Build a community around your product on RouteYou

Read more about it here.

Some striking and successful cases

Hotel Winterberg offers numerous routes for its customers

Service to the customers

Because the owner was constantly asked by the hotel guests what they could do in the region, hotel Winterberg offers numerous routes in the region, starting and ending at the hotel. And all those routes are offered on paper, on GPS and on smartphone. So every kind of customer is served and informed. View the routes here.

Routes with a pull effect

Because there is such a numerous community searching for routes on RouteYou, the routes also work as publicity for the hotel. The most popular route was already viewed more than 18.000 times by users who were just looking for a nice route in the area and were also tipped about a nice hotel to stay in. And that's a nice knock-on effect for the hotel. In total, all routes of Hotel Winterberg have been viewed more than 155 000 times by users who were thus also able to get to know the hotel.

For the creative hotel guest

For the more creative customer who wants to create his own route in the region, the hotel offers a recreational route planner in which the hotel is the central focus. View that route planner here. These routes also include the hotel's info so that creative guests also contribute to the hotel's popularity.

Tourism Zulte leverages its hospitality industry on 3 levels

In order to promote the catering industry in the municipality of Zulte, the municipality asked you to send in a photo and a description of your catering business.

So this is a typical example of successful content marketing that leverages on three levels.

B&Bs working together in the Flemish Ardennes: 1+1=3

Five B&Bs in the Flemish Ardennes joined forces and created a network of beautiful walks so you can step from one B&B to another. This not only strengthens their visibility but it also encourages users to plan multi-day walks and it allows users to map out a walking vacation through the Flemish Ardennes along those B&B's.

Read more here.

Fanbassadors give a unique view of the Netherlands

For the Dutch Bureau for Tourism & Conventions, RouteYou developed a concept of Fanbassadors. As a Fanbassador, you were commissioned by the NBTC to travel a number of routes and visit a number of places in the Netherlands at an agreed time/period at the expense of the tourism authority. RouteYou called on users from the community to sign up as (see here). During the route, you had to register your experiences as Fanbassador via your smartphone and your stories were published on RouteYou as news items. And that resulted in a motley display of the tourist region with a lot of exposure.

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