Advertising and Promotional Opportunities on RouteYou

There are numerous ways to promote your content (routes, poi’s , ... ) , products or services on RouteYou.

We make a distinction between two different kinds of promotion: Content Promotion and Website advertising

Content Promotion

Promote your content - routes, points of interest (poi’s), events and prefered cycling, walking or any other recreational network - to our visitors

By publishing your routes, poi’s, events or even prefered recreational networks on our website and by sharing them with our community, you bring your content to the attention of our visitors. The only thing you have to do is to create a free MyRouteYou Account and start publishing your content in your own MyRouteYou Channel. Read more about creating a free account and publishing content on RouteYou.

If you are a professional organisation that wants to publish and promote it’s content on RouteYou, but you want us to do the job, then you can enter in a content partnership with us and we will give you a quotation about what it takes to create your MyRouteYou Content Channel in a way that gives your content maximum exposure on RouteYou. Read more on Content Partnerships.

To create extra and branded exposure for some of your particular content, or for your content channel as a whole, we offer you the following extra options:


Website Advertising

Promote your products or services by placing advertisement campaigns on our website, targeted at visitors that match your audience.

You can ask us to set up a specific ad campaign in the following ways:


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