Commercial POI

What's a commercial or practical POI

Typical examples of commercial or practical POIs are

Have a look at a great example.

RouteYou gives the Commercial and Practical POIs a special place on RouteYou, so users can find them easily, and to make sure they are nicely recognized and put in the picture where needed (read more about this below). We also make sure they don't become a nuisance for the customer.

How to put you organization or business on RouteYou

As shown with this example, you can put your business or organization as a POI on RouteYou.

There are two options

  1. We can do this for you (send us an email with information about your org/business, contact info, URL for more info, pictures,...). This is a part of the POI+ package
  2. You create the POI yourself (read here how to create a POI). Even if you do it yourself, have a look at the POI+ package.

The POI+ package

The POI+ package is a service of RouteYou where we offer you the following services

Price of the POI+ package

The price is 99 euro/year. Remark: we only execute this action after we received your payment

Read here how to pay RouteYou

Look also into the "classic" advertisement options on RouteYou (read about them here).

Where is your Commercial POI exposed?

A commercial POI is displayed on the following spots of the website RouteYou

  1. As a location on the location page: Check out this example. The location page displays all the information provided by the commercial POI source (picture, description, address info, link to the website,...)
  2. If a Route is near the POI, the POI is displayed in the RouteViewer-page, as Practical Location: Check out this example
  3. If a POI is within an area-location, the POI is displayed in the list of Practical Locations of Walk-, Bike- and Motor routes, and also as in the list Practical Locations on the page of Top Locations. Check out this example.
  4. On the Nearby page of a location. Check out this example.
  5. The POI is also displayed and can be searched for on the Points Of Interest page.

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