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As RouteYou, we allow different authors to add information to the same location. That is the core of the "community model" on RouteYou. Here is a good example. You too can add information! From RouteYou, we push the best, highest-quality information "upwards".


Add information to an existing location

  1. Go to the location page in question. Read how to find a location page here.
  2. Click the Edit button  at the top of the location page.
  3. Choose the    Add data option

Adding an info block to a specific location is actually the same as adding a place of interest or POI. Click here for all information on adding a place of interest or POI.

To add information to a location, you need to be logged in and thus at least registered so that we can link that information to a specific author. 

What to do if you see wrong or incomplete location information?

A typical problem is that you sometimes see incorrect information at a location: a café, hotel, restaurant, town,... This location is in most cases created by other parties.

You can contact the author and ask them to amend the info. Read how to do this here.

Only email us to change that information if there is a legal or ethical issue related to the information you see on RouteYou. Read more here is a community site where the community improves information. RouteYou ensures that the good information is pushed "up" (and the bad "down").

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