Importance of a location


What does "importance" of a location represent and how is it determined?

We measure importance by the information we have about a specific place. So you should see importance as a reflection of the amount and quality of information users on RouteYou have already added to a place. The more qualitative info, the more important we consider this place. RouteYou is a community platform and that way we use the community's input to process our content.

So you may not see the term 'importance' in an absolute sense, nor interpret it as such.

What is the impact of location importance?

Importance is used in many places. Here are some examples:

Where is the importance of a location visible?

Importance is visible via the score of a place of interest or POI (= combination of an information block + location).

Contributing to the importance of a place

Do you disagree with that importance? Do you think a specific place is much more important? Then add your own (good) information to that place. You can see here how to do this.


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