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What is a location?

A location is a place or area about which there is something to tell. 

And 'telling' is done by linking information blocks to that location. (Info block + location = place of interest (POI) read on below)

The difference between a location and a place of interest

'Telling' about a place or an area is done by linking information blocks to that location. The combination of an info block and a location is what we call a place of interest. Another term for a place of interest is POI.

There is a lot to tell about some places. Multiple information blocks may therefore be added to the same location. That is, multiple places of interests may be linked to the same location.

So if you create a place of interest (or POI), and no location exists yet, you actually create a location at the same time, without noticing. If a location already exists with other similar places of interests (or POIs), your info will be added to that same location. We always try to bundle related information about one place on one location (page). 

So you can say that ... only one location is linked to each place of interest but one location can have multiple places of interests linked to it

>> See an example of a location with multiple POIs here.

Advantages and disadvantages of this model

This model choice has the following implications (advantages and disadvantages)

The location page: a collection of information

At least one info block is linked to a location. But it is therefore also possible for several info blocks by different authors to be linked to the same location. 

Examples of locations include: the Atomium, the Eiffel Tower, city of Amsterdam, Koppenberg, .... The location or place in itself is a unique feature. But given RouteYou is a community platform, we make it possible for different authors to each link their own story or info block to that one location. This allows all RouteYou users to easily access all information regarding that one location on one page, which we call the location page.

Read more about the location page here..

Add or enhance information to a location

Read more here.

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