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Why use the Individual POI-PUSH

The Individual POI-PUSH allows you to add one specific POI at a time to your route. The general POI-PUSH allows you to add POIs to your route in bulk, based on a set of criteria. Bulk does go quickly, which is convenient, but then you have more clean-up work of POIs you may not want along your route. (Read more about removing a specific place of interest from a route here.)

How to use the Individual POI-PUSH: step by step

If you prefer to add POIs to your route not one by one but in bulk (e.g. all my POIs that are within 3km of the route), then you should use the general POI-PUSH. There you have numerous options to determine which POIs you want to add to your route.

Important to know

  1. It does not matter how far the POI is from the route, you can always add it to your route. 
  2. The POI must be in the same language of the route, otherwise you cannot add that POI!
    For example: if you create a POI in English (or you wrongly indicate that the POI has an English description although it is in Dutch) it will NOT be added to a Dutch route, or vice versa.
  3. On the POI page you will sometimes see other POIs linked to the same location gekoppeld zijn (check this example). The POI added using this method is the one at the top of the page. If you wish to add another one (e.g. the third one in this list) and thus see it appear at the top of the page, click on the upward arrow  that appears with that respective text and/or picture


Frequently asked questions

Q: Can I add other people's POIs to my route?

Yes. We make sure there are links so that you get to the original content and author, including the appropriate entries to that author.

Q: Can I add my POIs to a route from another user/author?

No. We do not allow this as we operate on the principle that the author is "in charge" of his/her route and thus also what is shown along that route.

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