Individual POI-PUSH

Why and when to use the Individual POI-PUSH?

The Individual POI-PUSH only allows you to add one specific POI at a time to your route. The general POI-PUSH allows you to add POIs to your route in bulk, based on a set of criteria.

How to use it: step by step

Go to a POI that you want to add (this might be an example). Read more here about how to find a specific POI.

Select the button ‘Share’ and then select 'Add to route'.

You will then be able to select one of your routes. DONE. You can repeat this with as many other POIs as you like.

Remark 1: You can add any POI to your route, regardless of the distance from the POI to the route.

Remark 2: The POI and the route must be drafted in the same language!

Remark 3: The POI page also shows other POIs with the same location, below the POI at the top (check out this example). The POI that has been added is the one at the top of the page. If you want to add another POI from the list, you can select the + sign next to the text/picture.

If you have a [help=]Plus-account[/help], you can add the selected POI to all of your routes that are in the neighbourhood of this POI.

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