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The benefits of a MyRouteYou channel

Having your own MyRouteYou channel brings many advantages. From a RouteYou Premium account you can even personalize or format your MyRouteYou channel according to the branding of your organization.

1. Your home page/landing page on RouteYou

The goal

Your own home page or "landing page" on RouteYou is THE general page you can send people to to find information about:

Check out this example!

Your design and your structure on your home page

You home page contains several parts or modules:

In addition to the introduction block, a number of modules will soon be configurable (which one do you want to show or not; place in which order;...)

Get quickly to your content

From your home page, users can navigate quickly to your content via tabs:

2. Your logo and/or banner

You can add your own logo and/or banner. Here is an example of a logo:

This logo is placed on ALL your pages. This means:

3. Your URL on RouteYou

From a RouteYou Pro you can get your own RouteYou URL that links to your MyRouteYou landing page. That makes it easy for your users to find your channel on without having to remember a difficult URL.


A few examples:

4. Traffic building

With your logo you can also enter a URL (for example the URL of your own website, or that of your Facebook page, of a product page on another website,...)

On every page that contains your logo (and there are quite a few if you create content) you will receive a URL that links to the web page you specified.

That is an extremely powerful means of traffic building. There is therefore a good chance that RouteYou users will reach your desired site via this channel.

5. Your own planner: MyPlanner

Read more about the MyPlanner here.

6. Your statistics

Read more about RouteStats here.

A few examples

Because examples clarify a lot: click here for an overview of the RouteYou (partner) channels.

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