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What is RouteYou Pro and who is it intended for?

RouteYou Pro is the ideal account for professional organisations, such as tourist offices, sports organisations, etc., who value:

With a RouteYou Pro account, all content (routes, POIs, etc.) in the linked MyRouteYou channel receives extra visibility under its own label. You will also get a lot of extra features that will help you to better manage and present your content.

What is included in a RouteYou Pro account?

In addition to all of the basic features and benefits of a RouteYou Plus account and a RouteYou Premium, a RouteYou Pro account comes with the following extras:

  1. Referrals to your MyRouteYou channel:
    1. through the 'Relevant Channels' section of literally every route that has a relevant link to your channel
    2. via a mention on our overview page of partner channels, which can be consulted via the main menu.
  2. Your own short url for direct reference to your MyRouteYou channel.
  3. A POI Promo Pack for all overnight stops (hotels, B&Bs, hostels, campsites, etc.) that are created under your account (read more).
  4. Extra export possibilities, either as a back-up or for importing your data into a GIS or database environment (read more)
    1. download all of your routes in one go in shapefile format
    2. download the statistics and other metadata of all of your routes in CSV format
    3. download all of your POIs in one go in CSV format.
  5. A georeferenced spreadsheet of each route with instructions for each waypoint (read more).
  6. The basic version of the MySite – MyApp (excl. start-up costs): your own web environment with a specific offer of routes and points of interest (read more).
  7. A MyPlanner included on your MyRouteYou channel, tailored to the wishes and needs of your customers (read more).
    Please note (!) This does not include any data engineering aspects (e.g. the import and creation of routable networks) or specific software engineering (e.g. the development of new features on the planner). For data engineering and software engineering we will create a tailor-made offer for you by size, type of data, type of routing, etc., as these are rarely standard developments.
  8. A Pro Support Pack, which means that we will support you and your organisation in setting up your MyRouteYou channel and using the RouteYou platform (read more).
  9. Your route(s) will be available for free as a guide for every RouteYou user (read more).

Rates – RouteYou Pro

(Prices excl. VAT)

  Annual fee Set-up fee Set-up fee
RouteYou Pro € 1999 € 500 € 1000

* The annual fee is a recurring cost. The set-up fee is a one-off cost.

Added options

(Not included in the price of a RouteYou Pro account)


Do you just want to exclusively showcase your own content in a separate web environment with a custom url? Then the MySite Pro is perfect for you. For more info about MySite/MyApp, click here

Test our advanced plugins

A RouteYou Pro account allows you to use a test licence at no extra cost to try out our advanced Viewer plugins (RouteViewer, Download, MapSearch and POIViewer) and POIViewer), which are part of our Professional Services). Your test licence will be valid for a maximum of six months and/or a maximum of 25,000 views. It will help you to give visitors an overview of the routes you have published on RouteYou on your own website and also allow them to view the routes on your website. This is an ideal introduction to the benefits of these features. Request a personal key via sales[at-r.].

Advertising campaigns

If you have a Premium account, then your MyRouteYou channel and all of the content you offer is ad-free. But if you want to promote your own routes or a product or service from a sponsor, you can use Website Campagnes or a MyRouteYou Campagne

RouteYou tailor-made training

A personal training course tailored to your needs, either at your headquarters or elsewhere. Find out more.

How to order?

You can order via sales[at-r.]

I want more ...

Hungry for more possibilities? Have a look at the RouteYou Enterprise account (b2b).

Click here to see the overview of the functionalities of RouteYou by account type.

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