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What is RouteYou Premium and who is it intended for?

A RouteYou Premium account is aimed at users and parties who want to do just that little bit more with RouteYou, either for professional purposes or otherwise.

It is the ideal account for those who:

With a RouteYou Premium account, your MyRouteYou channel gets an upgrade and access to lots of extra features that allow you to create and present content.

What is included in a RouteYou Premium account?

In addition to all of the basic features and benefits of a RouteYou Plus account, a RouteYou Premium account comes with the following extras:

  1. Your MyRouteYou channel and content (routes and points of interest) are ad-free; all of the attention will be on what you have to offer.
  2. The opportunity to personalise your channel and content according to your own branding or corporate identity:
    • A customised header at the top of your MyRouteYou channel
    • The integration of your logo
    • Links to external communication and social media channels

    This information is not only shown on your MyRouteYou channel, but also on all of your routes and groups.

  3. Print branding – personalised prints with your own logo and banner (read more).
  4. Extra visibility via the channels page.
  5. The opportunity to adjust the visualisation of routes, points of interest and groups:
    • Choose which background map and map layers are shown on a route page (read more)
    • Customise your RouteDesign: colour, width and transparency (read more)
    • Customise the colour of your points of interest (POI) (read more)
    • Determine how many and which routes and points of interest are displayed in a group (read more).
  6. The possibility of editing routes together with other group members through co-authorship (read more).
  7. Extra printing options to adjust the layout and format of your printout (read more).
  8. Your events are promoted to the RouteYou community.
  9. The opportunity to share private routes with a shareable link (read more).
  10. Your route(s) freely available for offline navigation for any RouteYou user (read more)
  11. The opportunity to print out as many copies of your route(s) as you wish royalty-free as posters or brochures (read more).
  12. A Premium Support Pack, which means that our helpdesk handles your questions as a priority read more).Direct support and one-to-one contact via telephone or internet to ask our experts for advice is not part of a Premium account but of a RouteYou Pro-account nd is offered in the Pro Support Pack.

Rates – RouteYou Premium

(Prices incl. VAT)

  Annual kost Set-up administration cost/Continuation administration cost need manual adminstrative support from you
RouteYou Premium € 199,99  € 50 (*) or € 0 (**)

Added options

(Not included in the price of a RouteYou Premium account)

RouteYou tailor-made training

A personal training course tailored to your needs, either at your headquarters or elsewhere. Find out more.

Advertising campaigns

If you have a Premium account, then your MyRouteYou channel and all of the content you offer is ad-free. But if you want to promote your own routes or a product or service from a sponsor, you can use Website Campagnes or a MyRouteYou Campagne

How to order?

Check here to see how you can upgrade to a Premium account. You also have the opportunity to activate a 1-month free trial

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