RouteYou functionality overview

All basic functionalities on RouteYou are free via the MyRouteYou Free account. Have a look at all free basic functionalities on RouteYou.

More functionalities and possibilities are available with the paid accounts on RouteYou. These require an upgrade of your MyRouteYou Free account. Beside all free basic functionalities they each have a specific set of functionalities and possibilities. Check out the overview below.

  MyRouteYou Plus MyRouteYou Premium MyRouteYou Pro MyRouteYou Enterprise
Basic functionalities yes yes yes yes
Ad-free use of the RouteYou website yes yes yes yes
Usage of extra map layers such as Google Maps, - Satellite, -Streetview, OpenCycleMap, OpenWalkmap. yes yes yes  
Merge routes yes yes yes yes
Inverting a route: via the RoutePlanner or via de route page yes yes yes yes
Show reference routes yes yes yes yes
Change the starting point of a route yes yes yes yes
Split a route yes yes yes yes
Choose the distance from POIs to your route (on a POI push) yes yes yes yes
Personalized branding and exposure (banner, logo, links to extern channels, links to relevant RouteYou Channels, ...)   - yes yes yes
Clear visibility via the channel search   - yes yes yes
Set multilangual user pages   - yes yes yes
Set extra links in user description   - yes yes yes
Get statistics from your content (exposure, number of views from routes, locations, your profile, downloads, ...)   - yes yes yes
Basic Support Pack   - yes yes yes
RouteDesigner   - yes yes yes
GroupDesigner   - yes yes yes
Contentcode for the free RouteYou App for smartphones   - yes yes yes
Free participation on the RouteYou Training Sessions (few times a year)   - yes yes yes
An own short URL redirecting the user to your home page   -   - yes yes
POI Promo Pack for lodging POIs   -   - yes yes
Export functions (statistics, routes, pois)   -   - yes yes
RouteSpreadsheet   -   - yes yes
MyPlanner on RouteYou   -   - yes yes
Advanced Support Pack   -   - yes yes
MyPlanner on your own website   -   -   - yes
Professional RouteViewer plugin   -   -   - yes
Professional MapSearch plugin   -   -   - yes
Web Services   -   -   - yes

Can't find a solution above? Check out these options and products.

Options and products from region
Buy digital products from routes such as Garmin Custom Map (GCM), Topomap Poster Print (A0), RouteYou Poster Print (A0),
RouteYou Royalty-free Route Map (A4), Walk node map (GCM), Bike node map (GCM).
MyRouteYou Free Europe (except node maps)
RouteYou racemap MyRouteYou Free Benelux
Cartography on demand n/a Europe
RouteYou Training on demand n/a n/a
MyRouteYou Mobile MyRouteYou Pro n/a
MySmartphone App MyRouteYou Pro n/a
MyRouteYou Campaign MyRouteYou Pro n/a
MyRouteYou Mobile Campaign MyRouteYou Pro n/a
RouteYou Promo Suites (combination of functionalities) MyRouteYou Premium n/a

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