MyRouteYou Mobile - (Product Sheet)

MyRouteYou Mobile is a tuned version of the mobile website of RouteYou with the following:

  1. your logo on the top
  2. your zoom-in region/area
  3. your own specific URL
  4. only your own content (routes, POIs)
  5. a specific map (or your own map)
  6. your specific routingoptions in the "go to" functie kan aangeboden worden

Some examples

Have a look to some examples (you can do that with a browser on your pc, but the best way is to try it with your smartpone)

Price overview

(Prices excl. VAT)

  Yearly cost Set-up by RouteYou Widget Calls 
MyRouteYou Mobile  € 1000 € 1000 (**) Inapplicable

Condition: you must have a MyRouteYou Pro.

Inclusive in this cost is the use of the default routingoptions and maps offered by RouteYou.

Exclusive is the creation of other/your own specific maplayers, networks and routingoptions (more info on Professional Services).

Put your advertisements on your MyRouteYou Mobile with a ( MyRouteYou Mobile Campaign).


For a list of the RouteYou functionalities per type of account: have a look at the RouteYou Functionality Overview per accounttype.


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