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What's a Content partnership

The content partnership is based on the principle that you share your content with RouteYou and we provide

  1. a channel for your content leading to exposure/publicity,feed-back and/or even re-licence it for you. With a network of websites and plugins in websites of > 1 000 000 users / month, this could be an obvious interesting channel for you (check here our website statistics).
  2. a great set of tools to maintain, present and use your content in all kind of ways

The main types of content that is shared in this way is

  1. POIs (Point of Interest) such as heritage POIs, touristics POIs but also practical POIs (e.g. hotels, restaurants, ...)
  2. Routes such as touristic routes, recreational routes
  3. Networks such as cycling networks or walking networks

Why is this beneficial for you?

  1. Via the websites of RouteYou (the major ones are and you get great exposure/publicity of your content. An obvious example is a museum, hotel, camping or B&B. But it also works for recreational routes to convince people to come and do activities in your area (see further for some great examples).
  2. Via RouteYou, people get to your website. We have plenty of link-opportunities to inform people to get more information on your website.
  3. You also get feed-back from our community about your content (what's wrong, what's out of date). We provide more than a million eyes and ears per month to get feed-back.
  4. We frequently get requests to provide specific data on off-line GPS products. If your data is suitable, we can licence your data for you to those customers. So we can be a licencing channel for your content.
  5. Via partnerwebsites such as websites of newspapers we also provide functionality and can provide your content, again generating more exposure.
  6. Once your content is in the RouteYou-environment, you get a lot of functionality on our website, on our mobiel website or via plugins/widgets, you can easily use in your own website(s) or build your own apps and websites with our web services. On top of that, you get access to tools of our partner-app builders.

What do you have to do?

What do we do?

--> Contact us for a quotation on basis of your specific content and requirements.

Content partnership based on routes

Content partnership based on POIs

Have a look at this POI and how we send the customer for more info to the site of our partner.

Content partnership on the level of Networks

RouteYou is interested in providing specific networks related to recreational routing in their planners. Good examples are cycling node networks, walking node networks, MTB networks,...

The user can make free use of these networks.

Update commitment

Under the condition that RouteYou can make use of the provided network on their products (planners, maps), RouteYou commits to a free update of the network once per year, based on the supplied data of the provider. This is under the condition that:

In the case that specific clean-up /correction actions or manual input has to be executed or in the case that extra updates have to be done (more than once per year) specific agreements have to be made related to the cost. 

Content partnership on the level of maps

Topographic maps: the Dutch provide the topographical maps for free (cf. Inspire directive of EU). We provide the extra functionality to plan and view routes on top of these maps. On regular basis, we do updates of the map. Have look here in the RoutePlanner and select the maplayer "Topographic Map" (zoom in on an area in the Benelux)

Extra info

Here is an overview of where YOU show up on RouteYou as a content-provider

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Contact us to discuss a partnership

Interested in setting up a partnership or to learn more about it, please contact info[at-r.].

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