Route language

The Route Language and where it is used

The Route Language is the language used for the introduction and the POIs of the route.

The language is displayed in the Route Lists shown when you search for a route or displayed as "routes nearby".

Using the Advanced Search option, you can select routes of a specific language.

Can you change the language of your route and how is it defined?

Yes you can change the language of your route manually.

Read here how to adapt the language of your route manually

The language is "estimated" automatically, based on the title, the introduction of your route and the text of the POIs you added. The more POIs with text you have and the longer your introduction of your route, the better the "estimate" will be.

So you can make use of several different languages in one route, but we have to label the route as one language.

The language-algorithm used by RouteYou The algorithm to define the language of a route is based on a gene-matching principle. These are the steps.

  1. All triplet combinations of letters are first defined: [aaa],[aab],[aac]...[baa],[bab]...[zzz]. You can see this as the gene-set.
  2. For each triplet, the frequency is caculated for all the texts used in the route (the title, the introduction, the description to the POIs,...)
  3. A typical language-frequency is once calculated based on a very large set of texts of that language by counting the frequencies for each triplet.
  4. The frequency set of step 2 is compared (matched) with the best candidate of step 3.

If the text set is limited, the results are not that good, so you better extend the text the text of your route, which makes your route better.

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