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Video tutorial

You want to print a route but you are still using the RoutePlanner (if not, go to the next option)

You are exploring your route using the RouteViewer

Look at this example to see a route in the RouteViewer.

-Select the maximum nr of pages you want to use for your print (selecting a higher number, e.g. 25 pages) will give you more detailed maps at a larger scale.

-The route is represented on a sequence of small maps. These map areas are selected along the track of you route.

-When reaching the end of your route on map (A), the next map (B) will show the continuation of that route.

-Below the map, you will see the POIs (Points of Interest) represented with their information, a picture, the distance along the route, the type,...

-If you don't want the POI information, but just the maps, you can deselect the box next to POI at the top of the page. In that case, only the maps will be shown.

Play with the options

Changing and printing your "detailed set of maps" in 3 steps: 

  1. At top of the "detailed set of maps" you find an option boxwhere you can select options to change the view of the detailed set of maps. Play with the check marks there
  2. Attention please! To activate the changes, please click on the show button. The result appears after a couple of seconds below the option box
  3. Are you satisfied with this set of maps? Click on "print this page". Aren't you satisfied, repeat step 1 with the other options that we explain below, and step 2.

The possible options

Frequently asked questions

How can I get more details (street names) on the printed maps?

You can get more details (street names inclusive) by enlarging the amount of pages to be printed.

How can I see the route instructions or route description?

Read more

How can I print the cycling junctions only? 

a) of a existing route (planned using cycling junctions):

An example of a list of instructions with cycling junctions. You see the information from/to the cycling junction in the instruction (if they exist)


b) Cycling junction strips/cycling junction format of a cycling junction route you are planning in the route planner (but not necessarily want to save)

The Cycling junction strip

Read more about the cycling junction strip here:

The Cycling junction print

Read more about the print in Cycling junction print.

For a list of the RouteYou functionalities per type of account: have a look at the RouteYou Functionality Overview per accounttype.

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