Track - Route conversion

Difference between a Route and a Track

Read here what a track is and a route.

Converting a Track to a Route (GARMIN) using BaseCamp

The Garmin Software BaseCamp allows you to convert a TRACK to a ROUTE.

Here are the steps

  1. Open (or install first) the program BaseCamp
  2. Import your track in BaseCamp (read here how)
  3. You imported track is listed on the left (lower half) with the two footsteps icon.
  4. Click with the right mouse button next to the two footsteps, on the TRACK (listed in the column on the left) to open the option menu
  5. Select "Create Route from Selected Track" and the conversion to a ROUTE will take place
  6. The ROUTE with the same name as your TRACK is now also listed on the left. Instead of the two footsteps icon you get to see 3 green connected squares representing a DIRECT ROUTE (a DIRECT ROUTE is a ROUTE which connects its viapoints with a streight line, and not a routed line. To that extend is a DIRECT ROUTE functionaly the same as a TRACK (see also FAQs below).
  7. To upload the ROUTE to your device from Basecamp,(read here more)

Converting a Track to a Route (GARMIN): alternative software

You can also use the program winGDB to convert a TRACK to a ROUTE. You can download the software here.
Install this program on your PC and follow the instructions.

Frequently askes questions (FAQs)

Doesn't a ROUTE follow the network of the activated map?

It is correct that a ROUTE follows the network of the activated map on your device. That's the difference with a TRACK (read more about it here).

But a DIRECT ROUTE (or a route with the routing option DIRECT) in Garmin is a route with straight lines between the via-points. From a FORMAT point of view, the ROUTE is a ROUTE, but from a functional point of view, the ROUTE has no more information than a TRACK.

This is nevertheless important for some GARMIN devices because some GARMIN devices can only import ROUTES (from a FORMAT point of view), a,d no TRACKs (e.g. [help=184]the Zumo 210[/184]).

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