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Automatically through your Garmin account

If your Garmin device and smartphone are paired via bluetooth/wifi and your device supports courses (check your device's manual), you can easily place routes on your device with your Garmin account.

Syncing with your Garmin account

Making a connection

  1. Via your profile on RouteYou > choose 'Connect to Garmin account' > choose 'Connect to Garmin'.
  2. Via the Garmin download option > choose 'Send to my Garmin device'. If you have not yet connected, you will then be given the option to link your RouteYou account to your Garmin account.

Synchronizing a route

  1. Choose a route on RouteYou
  2. Go to the download options 
  3. Go to the extended download options and choose Garmin
  4. Choose 'Send to my Garmin device'

After step 4, your route is sent to your Garmin account and is converted to a course.

On your device

If your Garmin device is paired via wifi or bluetooth, your route will automatically appear on your device.


How come my route does not appear on my device?

Check whether the route is visible in Garmin Connect. If you see the route there, synchronize your device again via wifi or bluetooth. Also check if your device is linked to your Garmin account via wifi or bluetooth.

If the route is not visible in Garmin Connect, send the route on RouteYou again to your Garmin account with the above action.

My device is not compatible with courses. Can I use the synchronization?

Only devices that are compatible with courses can use these connections. Devices like the Zumo series or other outdoor devices like Oregon series, Etrex series or the GPSMap series do not support this.

My device does not have a Bluetooth connection. Can I still sync?

Once your device is physically connected to your PC, you can use Garmin Express to synchronize your Garmin Connect with your device. You can read more about this at the following link:

Other options

Placing routes on Garmin via Garmin Connect App

For this option, your Garmin device and smartphone must also be connected via bluetooth/wifi and your device must support courses. Depending on the operating system of your smartphone, the actions may differ slightly from the step-by-step plan below. 

  1. Make sure you have Garmin Connect installed on your smartphone
  2. Connect your Garmin device with Garmin Connect
  3. On your smartphone, go to the RouteYou website and select your route.
  4. Click on the download button so the gpx is downloaded to your smartphone
  5. You will now get the possibility to open the gpx in Garmin Connect
  6. In Garmin connect, you now get the option to select the type of course
  7. in the iOS app: you get a preview of the race which you can send to your device
    In the Android app: you get a preview of the course which you have to confirm by pressing 'OK' at the top right. Then you get to see three dots at the top right where, after pressing them, you get the option to send your route to your device.

Placing routes on Garmin via

For this option, your Garmin device and smartphone must be connected via bluetooth/wifi and your device must support courses. Via the website you can also import a gpx and have it transferred to your device:

  1. Login with your Garmin login details to
  2. Click in the left menu bar on 'Trainings
  3. Then click on 'Courses
  4. In the window that appears, under "Create course" you can click on import
  5. The imported gpx is converted into a course and becomes available under your account

Once the route is converted into a course and available on your personal account on, the course can be synchronized with your device via the app on your smartphone. If your personal account is the same on both the desktop environment and your smartphone, the synchronization will be seamless.

If you don't use the app, you can also synchronize your routes with the program Garmin Express that you can install on your PC. Connect your Garmin device via USB cable and let Garmin Express sync all the data.

Transferring routes to Garmin manually

This option works on all Garmin devices that can handle a GPX file. You need to carry out the following step by step:

  1. Download the GPX file to your computer
  2. Connect your GPS device to your computer
  3. Navigate to your device's drive
  4. Navigate to the Garmin folder
  5. Navigate to 'NewFiles' (in the case of a new device, such as the Edge Touring or >800 devices) or navigate to the GPX folder
  6. Place the file in the folder
  7. Disconnect your device safely from your computer

Placing routes on Garmin using Basecamp

Specific information about Garmin devices

Check out the overview of Garmin devices and the corresponding information

Other sources and websites with information on Garmin devices

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