Download Routes on a GPS

The method to download a route on your GPS depends on your GPS device.

You will find here a specific description for how to put a route or a track on a

  1. Garmin GPS
  2. MIO device
  3. Wahoo device
  4. o-synce device 
  5. Teasi One device
  6. TomTom device

Blogs and websites for extra information

We can recommend these BLOGS and websites for further information about the use of your GPS device.

Problems downloading your route on your GPS?

You can contact us at but please infor us about the following topics:  

  1. What is the model and brand of your GPS device? 
  2. Which route do you try to download (provide us the URL, or ID or title & type & author/owner)
  3. What is the OS of your PC (Windows/Mac) and which version?
  4. Which webbrowser do you use (Internet Explorer/Firefox/Chrome/Safari/Opera)?
  5. What is the message on your screen

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