Searching a route

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Searching for a route using the RouteSearcher

Go to the RouteSearch page of RouteYou.

Overview of the RouteSearcher

Searching for a route step by step

You want to see the route in the RouteViewer? Just click on the icon.

Remark! If you don't find a specific route or any route, adapt the score-value from 0-5

Go to the RouteSearch page of RouteYou.

Looking for very specific routes via "More options"

Use the 'More options'-link to enter extra search criteria and sorting functions on this page (see figure above):

  1. Length: Search a route based on a minimum and maximum lenght value.
  2. Theme/characteristics/groups: You can search routes based on specific themes or characteristics a route is linked to (e.g. routes linked to the theme science, film, nature, heritage,...). You can even make your own group and add routes (or POIs) to this group, so you can easily find them later on.
  3. Language: With "language" you filter on the routes of a specicic language
  4. Difficulty level: This options allows you to select routes based on their difficulty, from "Very easy" to "Very hard". Combine this with length and you have a great tool to build your training scheme.
  5. Route sorting: this allows you to sort the list of routes in different ways:
    1. Relevance (this is the default sorting, based on a complex function of score, creation date, popularity, downloads, popular length...)
    2. Name (alphabetically)
    3. Most viewed of all time
    4. Most viewed this month
    5. Most recently created or edited
    6. Score (read more about the score here)

Auto zoom

When selecting the auto-zoom, the map pans and zooms in on the area of the results (queried routes). When the auto-zoom is swithced off, the map will not automatically pan or zoom, but your area is fixed (unless you pan or zoom manually). The results (if any) will be displayed in your map area.


How can I find "child friendly routes"?

  1. Go to the general Route Searcher (click on this link to get there)
  2. Select the "More options" to do a more detaield filtering of the routes (see figure above)
  3. Select as "Charachteristic" "Child Friendly"

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