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What are characteristics and themes and how to use them on RouteYou

As an author, you can link characteristics and themes to a route and/or a POI. This is very useful, because people are looking for routes and places based on specific characteritics and themes (read here more about how to find a route).

Typical examples of characteristics are:

Typical examples of themes are:

How can I look for specific themes or characteristics

For routes: Read here more about it .

For POIs: Read here more about it .

How can I add a specific theme or characteristics

  1. Log in
  2. Go to your route.
  3. Click on the pencil and select "Classify"


Where do I see the characteristics or themes of a route?

  1. Go to a route (this is a good example)
  2. Scroll in the second col. (Route details) to the bottom (see figure below)

More info about specific characteristics or themes

We have a long list, but these items might need a bit more background info:


Public transport accessible

This means that the start if the route or a place is near a point with public transport (within walking distance).


These routes have the same start and stop. RouteYou generates this characteristic automatically when we detect this.

Wheelchair accessible


Video tutorial


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