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Where do I see the score of a route?

The route quality or score is indicated by stars (0-5): 

You will see these stars in lists and by the title of a route.

Meaning of the score or quality stars

The route score is determined using a set of evaluation criteria. [Help=666]Read more about it here.[/help]

In general you can derive the following from the route score:

0 stars: Not verified

This means that we do not have enough information to mark the route as "reliable". This does not necessarily mean that it is therefore bad! But we have too little information about it to make a judgement on that.(Read more about that here.)

These routes lack the "verified" icon  in the list. If you click on the route then the route information shows the message "Not verified" in red. 

1 star: Verified

From 1 star upwards we can confirm that the route is verified. This means that the route is "doable". The route follows paths and roads that we assume can be used by cyclists, hikers, motorcyclists or ... .

3 stars or more: Recommended

Routes that score sufficiently high after evaluation are given the label recommended. The better the evaluation criteria are met, the higher the route score. 

For more detail, read on this page where we explain how you can improve your route.

How can you get more stars with your route?

Submit your route as a candidate "Recommended". [Help=291]Read more about that here[/help].

On this page there are guidelines and tips on how to create a good route. And read more about the evaluation criteria here

What is the effect of a higher route score?

The most important thing is to increase the visibility of the route in searches, route promotions near POIs ... In other words, the route gets to RouteYou users searching for a route more easily.

What is the benefit of the higher score in searches:

What if a route is wrong?

Read more here.

How does RouteYou check/guarantee the quality of a route?

There are quite a few modules worked out on the RouteYou platform around the quality assurance of a route.

Although the author/publisher of a route is responsible for the quality of that route, RouteYou does everything possible to inform the end user and the author about the quality of a route. That is why a lot of modules around the quality assurance of a route have been worked out on the RouteYou platform. 

  1. to prevent the creation of bad routes on the one hand
  2. and on the other hand to detect and eliminate bad or outdated routes

Therefore, please read the following topics:

Professional organizations and authors

We enjoy working together with professional authors and organisations that wish to promote the region/organisation/related products such as books and maps ... wish to promote via their routes. A higher score has a very big effect on "exposure". So contact us if you offer good routes.

Therefore, we certainly do not exclude "amateur" routes and give them an equally high score if we know they meet the criteria. There is no difference in criteria to assign the score regardless of who is the author of the route.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

"Why do you also show routes with quality lower than 3 stars?"

We at RouteYou have chosen to be a community site where anyone can post their routes there and also share them with friends, family or others looking for routes. There are pros and cons to that choice. With the promotion of the stars, we try to achieve the best compromise between those advantages and disadvantages.

"I am only interested in routes that RouteYou can guarantee. How do I find them?

You can do that via the search page (Filters -> Score). Select at least 3 stars.

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