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What are "recommended" routes and what is the use?

At RouteYou, we like to encourage the use of good routes and endorse the hard work of the users who create good routes. 

By a "Recommended" route, we mean a "beautiful"/"suitable" route for recreational purposes.

A route gets the "Recommended" label  if the route has at least 3 stars as a score. Here you can read which evaluation criteria we use. And on this page we explain how you can improve your route to get a higher score.

If a route gets the "Recommended" label it will have the following effects:

Suggest a route as a candidate to become a RouteYou recommended route


  1. When you get to the RoutePage you will see a "Share" button . Click and then choose the option "Suggest as a recommender". 
  2. A pop-up will appear in which you can tell us why you recommend the route in question. Indicate how good you thought the route was, tick what is appropriate for the route and if you wish you can also leave additional feedback. Click on the "Confirm" button.

What happens next? 

We reserve the right to keep the score low or not to react if we think the request is not serious.

Frequently asked questions

I want to remove the "Not verified".

The only way to get that removed is to submit that route as "Recommended" and explain why this route is verified. 

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