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What is a group, and how do you use one?

Groups allow you to assemble and structure routes, locations, and even users under a single umbrella. 

Groups provide you with the opportunity to:

Here’s a selection of typical applications that use groups:

Creating a group

Find out here how to set up a group step by step based on your needs and preferences. 

Finding and editing a group

Read here about how to find (your) groups and edit or even delete them.

Linking and unlinking content to a group

This page explains how to link or unlink a route or place of interest to a group step by step. 

If you’d like to add other RouteYou users or members of your organisation to your group, then visit this page for more information

Groups and group members

Managing group members

Find out here how to add members to your group or how they can join a group, and why.

Communicating with group members

This page explains how to communicate with members of a group.

Groups and Routes

Sharing routes in a group

Why it’s a good idea 

Groups are a convenient way to share routes. Need a prime example? Imagine that an author or club correctly classifies the routes of regular Saturday and Sunday bike trips under the relevant group as ‘Club X’s Saturday rides’ or ‘Club X’s Sunday rides’. Club members planning to join the trip on Saturday or Sunday can then join the relevant group to stay updated. In other words, not only can your group include members, but routes as well. A group neatly brings it all together.

Find out about group communications

How to link routes to a group

Find out how to link routes to a group and why you should here.

Sharing private routes

You can actually make private routes visible to group members (only). Find out why that’s useful and how to do it here.

Co-authoring routes

The co-authorship function also allows you to collaborate on a route as a group. This page explains the ins and outs of that process.

Designing route networks

Discover here how to co-design a route network.

Groups: public or private?

Groups can be made public (visible) or private (hidden) the same way routes can be made public or private. Here’s how:

  1. Go to your group.
  2. Click the pencil  ab5f88b1f33d9dc0335edc3ba6e91728_3318c74 to edit your group.
  3. Select Basic data.
  4. This takes you to the administration page and Visibility, where you can choose to make your group visible (public) or hidden (private). 

If your group is private, only group members will have access to the group description and content.

Embed a group with iFrame

Customising a group’s visualisation

This page explains what changes can be made to a group’s visualisation, along with how to affect those changes yourself. 

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