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Where can I find ‘my data’ and how can I modify them?

If you have not yet logged in

  1. Log in via the log in button  
  2. This will take you to your ‘My RouteYou’ page. This page gives you access to your data, such as your routes and your places of interest. By clicking on the pencil icon, you’ll be able to open your profile.

If you are logged in

If you are logged in, your avatar should be visible at the top right. If you have not yet personalised your avatar, you will see a standard icon 0be47b7f1d37cc0646d859920597136a_9f46d24de933d53f61d6ab3f06de3684d4d5a6ca.png . If you have uploaded your own image, this image will be displayed there, for example 570a4c222bc4d92c243fd13e19c5e0af_c09cb9c2f972577a8120600f8be531b92db7175f.jpg . If you click on it you will get access to your data.

MyRouteYou page

The three green buttons will lead you to your data.


My profile

If you are logged in you can click on your avatar 0be47b7f1d37cc0646d859920597136a_9f46d24de933d53f61d6ab3f06de3684d4d5a6ca.png in the upper right corner to access ‘My profile’ and change your data.

Public data

Tip: Choose a suitable account name and write a clear and precise description. Also create a recognisable avatar! This information is your identity card; it is the first thing other members see about you or your account. 

  1. You’ll see that your account type is indicated here first.
    This can be one of the following options:
    • Free
    • Plus
    • Premium/Club
    • Pro
    • Enterprise.
    For an overview of the benefits associated with each account type, [help=396]click here[/help].
  2. You will be able to provide your account information in different languages.
    Initially, you’ll choose one language to fill in your basic information. If you want to add an additional language, choose ‘Add translation’ on your MyRouteYou account via the ‘Edit’ button  . You can also opt for an automatic translation. In the description box, you will see the proposed translation. You can adjust it manually if necessary.
  3. Your account name is the name that is displayed next to each of your publications on RouteYou: your routes, your groups, your reactions, ... An account name must be unique. If it is not, you will receive a warning and a request to change it. You can change your account name at any time. Don’t forget to confirm at the bottom of the page!

    * TIP: Choose a specific and representative username that says something about you or your organisation. *
  4. Write an accurate and concise description. Include a photo or video in your description to make it a little more attractive.
  5. Choose a clear image for your avatar, which is also recognisable in a smaller format.

    * Tip: Use a ratio of 1 to 1 for your avatar, for example 120x120px. When included in lists, your avatar will be displayed on a small scale, so avoid small texts and details. *
  6. With a Premium account (or higher), you can give more visibility to your account by using:
    • a logo. The logo will appear in the top right corner of your header.

      * Tip: For the best ratio, use a logo preferably 2 in width and 1 in height (max 3 in width on 1, and minus 1 on 1 is also possible). You will get the best result with a logo that is 230x90px. *
    • a link behind the logo. This ensures that a user will be redirected to this link when they click on your logo.
    • a header background. Choose the image that will be visible at the top of your MyRouteYou homepage. The icons on the right allow you to adjust the position and size of the image.

      * TIP: Avoid photos that are too busy or contain text. Often a simple photo of a detail works well. Here is an example of great headers: (123) . For more information on header backgrounds, click here.*
    • a promotional logo. Once uploaded, the logo will appear on the general map and in the guide.
    • a promotional banner. The logo appears at the bottom of the general map and in the Roadbook. You can choose a banner to put your own organisation in the spotlight, or a combination of your sponsors’ logos.
    • links to external channels, such as your social media or, for example, Tripadvisor and When you add a link to one of the channels, an icon with the direct link is added to the header (under your logo).

Personal data

This data is not visible to third parties and contains standard information, such as your:


In this section you can change your password. Please note that you must be logged in.

Have you forgotten your password? Then create a new password here.

Preferences: set language and unit system

Set your preferred language and unit system here. This is important because it determines the language in which we will communicate with you and send you information. For example, if you are a Dutch speaker and you choose English as your preferred language, you will only receive invitations for English webinars and not for Dutch ones.

Communication preferences

You can indicate what you want to be informed about and how you wish to be informed.

Connecting to external channels

You can link your RouteYou account to your accounts on external channels, such as Facebook, Google and Strava. Find out more about how to link MyRouteYou to your Strava account and the benefits of doing this here.

Delete your account

If you delete your account, all of your data (routes, points of interest, comments, activities, etc.) will be deleted from RouteYou. As a result, you will no longer receive emails or notifications from RouteYou. You will no longer be able to take actions on RouteYou for which you need an account.

Can I still create a new account?

You can certainly do so, but please note that your previous account data have been lost and cannot be transferred.

Can I transfer routes from my old account to a new account?

You can, as long as you do it before you delete your old account. Please send an email to support[at-r.] if you wish to do so.

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