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What kind of content can I link to a group?

Routes, points/places of interest, and even other RouteYou users and your own members can be linked to a group. 

Read about how that can make your life easier here.

How to link or unlink select content to or from a group 

Routes and places of interest

  1. Log in and search for or go to the route or place of interest you have in mind. (Find out how to do that here.)
  2. Click the pencil icon  ab5f88b1f33d9dc0335edc3ba6e91728_3318c74 (Edit) on the route or place of interest’s description page to access Classify 4f6f5ea38045d5c1ca1fceee1a424659_cd16f87
    This will display a pop-up with three tabs. From here, you can link your route or place of interest to a default list of Characteristics and Themes or Groups.
    (Read more about linking content to characteristics or themes here.)
  3. Use the Search terms field to find the group you have in mind easily. To quickly filter by your own groups, activate the ‘My groups’ box. 
  4. Once you’ve found the right group, click to select. That will change the background colour from white to light green/blue.
    This option allows you to link multiple groups to a route or place of interest in one go. 

Now, these will automatically display when you visit a group to which you’ve linked one or more routes or places of interest. 

You can always check on the detail page of a route/place of interest to which group(s) it is linked. This is listed under "Groups" in the Route Information section.

To unlink a route/place of interest from a group, you have two possibilities:

  1. You use the same method (detail page - edit - classify) but now you have to make sure that the background color of the selection field is white again.
  2. You surf to the group from which you want to detach an item. In the list view you can now click on the 3 dots at the top right of the summary view of the desired item (1). A dropdown menu will open with one or more icons and the corresponding action(s) (2). Select 'unlink' here.


Other RouteYou users and members

Click here for more information about groups and members.

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