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You want to master and make good use of RouteYou? This page is a good starting point. It gives you an overview of the most important topics to learn.

RouteYou offers many possibilities, functionalities and solutions with regard to recreational routes and navigation for both the individual user (end user) and for organizations and companies (b2b). RouteYou regularly demonstrates those possibilities, functionalities and solutions at different locations and for different target groups. In times of corona, we mainly work through webinars (online training courses).

As a novice user, we recommend that you register for a RouteYou Academy. Users with some experience can further expand their expertise by following our Masterclasses.

From a Plus Account you can attend all courses offered by RouteYou for free.

RouteYou has partnerships with various organizations. For some collaborations this means a discount on the registration price.

Dates and locations

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Do you need a tailor-made personal training. For one or more people? Whether or not in your home base?

That's possible. Contact sales[at-r.].

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Training via videos

You will see a video on numerous help pages.

You can also watch a lot of useful videos on our YouTube channel. Click here!

10 basic techniques to make use of RouteYou

  1. Start with your registration and log-in
  2. Search for a suitable route
  3. Explore a route using the RouteViewer
  4. Print a route
  5. Upload a route to a GPS or follow your route on a smartphone
  6. Make your own route using the RoutePlanner
  7. Record a route on a GPS and upload to RouteYou for further editing and sharing
  8. Put POIs along your route: the POI-PUSH
  9. Make your own POIs or add info to an existing spot
  10. Create a group & manage your content by linking routes and POIs to a group

10 extra and great things to do on RouteYou

  1. Mark your activity and events
  2. Add your comment to a route, author, location
  3. Share great routes and email it to a friend
  4. Improve your own info-page with a picture (avatar) and text
  5. Your score as an author on RouteYou
  6. Route statistics
  7. Add a video to your POI
  8. Search for a location
  9. View your route on Google Earth
  10. Report an error of the map

For the (more advanced) user

  1. Put your route in your own website
  2. Put a set of routes in your own website
  3. Upgrade to a RouteYou Premium or Pro
  4. Check out our Professional Services

More background about our approach and concepts

  1. RouteYou: the company, what we do and why we do it
  2. A general introduction to, the website(s)
  3. RouteYou is free? Why and how do we keep that going?
  4. The RouteYou network
  5. The nicest path. What does it mean and how do we do it?


For a list of the RouteYou functionalities per type of account: have a look at the RouteYou Functionality Overview per accounttype.

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