What do we consider as SPAM on RouteYou

Let us start with the positive note: we love to see your activity, event, organization... linked to routes or locations, if this is linked to what the goal is of RouteYou (read here more about RouteYou). So, to give an example, there is nothing wrong to create a route starting at your organisation and mentioning your organization. We don't consider this as SPAM.

On the other hand, a newsitem, group, comment, location, event, route... that has nothing to do with the concept and goal of RouteYou will be considered as SPAM.

If the content of an item is about or promotes a product, a website, a concept, religion, political thought,... we have the right and will remove the content. If this is done repetetive, we will take juridical action.

If you have doubts if your content will be considered as SPAM send your example to info[at-r.].

Error messages related to SPAM and the SPAM filter

RouteYou uses a SPAM filter. This filter checks if no SPAM is entered. But, that fileter does not work 100%.

What to do if you get the message that your message is considered as SPAM?

You can do the following things

Appropriate ways to promote your organization

Read more info about Sponsoring.

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