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How to create a news item 

  1. First log in
  2. Go to the main menu and then 'News'
  3. Select the 'Add a news item' option

What can you enter and what does it mean

The meta data

  1. Name: Give a title to your news item here. Don't make the title too long.
  2. Release date: The date indicates when it will be published. Don't put it too early in case it is linked to a specific date, because it might get pushed away by other news items.
  3. Expire date: here you indicate when the news is no longer relevant

The news item itself

In the text editor at 'description', you can write your entire message with the desired formatting options. Some advice...

Button effect

In a news release, it is useful to add a clear Call to action or CTA. To highlight it properly, it's best to make it a button like this : 

Klik op deze knop

How to create such a button? You can only do that if you have a PREMIUM account or higher, as this is part of the advanced editing options.

  1. Create a clickable link:
    • In the text editor menu you will find this URL-link button
    • Enter as display text there, for example. "Click this button."
    • Enter as URL the website link where people will go if they click on it
  2. Select the text of the clickable link and select "Style" in the menu.
    • If it is a URL (only in this case!) then you will see the style option "Button".

What kind of news items do or don't we allow on RouteYou

Read here what we consider as SPAM.

Where will your news item be displayed

Inform us to upgrade/promote your news

We are happy to promote your news item in case it is for a charity, for example, or some other topic that we find it very relevant. If we promote it then your post will not only appear in our news carousel but also in the newsletter and/or social media. 

Also read our info on Sponsoring and on our News Promo Pack

For an overview of the functionalities on RouteYou by account type: check out the RouteYou Functionalities Overview by Account Type.

Guidelines for creating a news item

Here we give some guidelines in terms of form and style, but the easiest way is if you look at some examples:

Picture guidelines

Text guidelines


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