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How to create a news item on RouteYou

  1. Log in
  2. Selecter CREATE In the main menu
  3. Select the option NEWS ITEM

Structure of the news

The meta info

  1. Title: Keep it short (max. 100 chars) 
  2. Start date: The date indicates when it will be published. Don't put it too early in case it is linked to a specific date, because it might get pushed away by other news items.
  3. End date: Indicates when the item is not relevant anymore (you might take a date very far in the future if it stays relevant for ever)
  4. About: Indicates if the news is relevant for a specific type of route

The main info/news

The text-editor allows you to write a complete message including layout. Some advice:

What kind of news items do we allow on RouteYou, or don't

Read here what we consider as SPAM.

Where do we show your news

Inform us to upgrade/promote your news

If your news is relevant for a lot of the RouteYou users, we like to upgrade it to general RouteYou news. This gives it a lot more exposure

What is relevant

Inform us via and send us a link to your news info after you created the news on RouteYou!

You can do this with your free account!


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