Classify: Linking content to a characteristic, theme or group

You can link your own content, both routes and places of interest (POIs), to one or more characteristics, themes or (own) groups.

Click here for an overview of all the characteristics and themes on RouteYou.

How to link routes or places of interest to one or more characteristics or themes?

  1. Go to a place of interest page
  2. Click on the 'Edit' icon  and then click on 'classify'.
  3. Next you can link the route or POI to one or more characteristics, themes or (your own) groups (Learn more about linking content to the right group here)

Choose wisely!

Beware, there is one big "but"... Temper your enthusiasm a bit when classifying.After all, routes and places with a total of more than 10 linked characteristics and themes are punished in our searches. We do this because some authors indicate almost all options in the hope of appearing in more searches. Understandable but also misleading for the end user.

We therefore recommend that you make a selection of the most relevant topics and limit the total number of linked characteristics and themes to 8 or maximum 10.

Video tutorials


How can I remove the link between characteristic/theme/group and my content (route or POI)?

You can repeat the same steps as above. By clicking on the activated characteristic, theme or group you want to disconnect, you remove the link. You can also see this by the selection color disappearing.

How can I find routes and places of interest of a specific characteristic or theme?

Read more about that here.


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