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The RoutePlanner

Click here for more information about the RoutePlanner.

The Result

The planned route is converted and can be viewed in RouteViewer, where you can interactively view the route with profile (height) information, POI information and statistical information.

Using your planned route

Once you are satisfied with your planned route and want to test it out in the field, you need to save it first. Use the 'Save Route' button in the left column or this one  on the map.

We automatically include some information with your route but we recommend that you fill in or update the information field as much as possible during the saving process. The information you enter here will influence your route score and how easy it will be for you or others to find your route in our huge selection.

Once your route is saved you can choose what you will use to navigate in the field via the print options   . 
Op papier, via de app of met een gps? We ondersteunen alle mogelijkheden. Meer informatie hierover vind je hier.On paper, via the app or with a GPS? We support all possibilities. More information can be found here.

Sharing your planned route

If you went to all that trouble to make your route so good then it's best to share it with your friends, family, social network and/or the RouteYou community.

Click here or more information on sharing your route.

If you would like to create and offer a collection of routes, it is best to work with 'groups'.

Click here for more information on 'groups'.

Changing a planned route

Your own route

Once you have created a route and saved it, it will be written to your account and you will be listed as the author of the route.

Depending on your account type, you can further edit or change your own route. Go to the route in question and click on the pencil icon  to edit your route. What you can do exactly depends on your account type.

  1. If you do not have an account, we cannot link a planned route to you personally, nor offer you the possibility to edit it further. 
  2. From a RouteYou Free you can bring the route back to the Routeplanner and edit it there. You can also offer your route in other languages via  'add translation'. Read more about that here.
  3. From a RouteYou Plus, additional editing options are available:
  4. If you have a RouteYou Premium then you can also modify the visualization of your route.

A route from someone else

From a RouteYou Plus you can also modify the routes of others. [Help=653]Read more about that here[/help].

Frequently asked questions or FAQs

"Why do I get coordinates in the list as viapoints instead of addresses? "

If you plan a route with a free account, and you click waypoints (or viapoints), you will get the coordinate of that point in the list.

If you have a Plus-account (or higher), then you get to see the address of that point. That is of course a bit more convenient, but there is a cost associated with it because at each point a conversion must be made from a coordinate to an address. And for that we always pay a fee to a service provider who does that for us. That's why we can't offer this for free (anymore). But it is available as a handy feature with a Plus account or higher.

Planning a route according to the "nicest way", what does that mean?

The RoutePlanner allows you, as a hiker, cyclist, motorcyclist ... to plan a route. Not by the shortest or fastest route, but by the "nicest route" (read more about it here).

We do show these routes on top of the GoogleMaps maps but the intelligence of the routing is in the in-house developed RouteYou Routing Engine and in the RouteYou Network.

Planning a different route as a hiker, cyclist, motorcyclist, ...

How you are guided also depends on how you wish to travel. For example, which roads are beautiful and suitable is different if you are walking or cycling or touring recreationally with a motorcycle or car. Each routing for a specific mode therefore has a different set of conditions attached.

How to create a route with (your own) points of interest.

If you save a route we will automatically add a set of points of interest. If you are not satisfied with the automatically added points of interest you can either delete the unwanted ones or delete the whole set at once. For the latter option you will need a Plus account. [Help=317]Learn more about removing points of interest from a route here[/help].

You can also consciously enrich your route by adding your own points of interest (POIs) along your route or adding POIs from the RouteYou community using the POI-PUSH.

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