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What's Orbit Cycling

Orbit Cycling is an iPhone app for Cycling sporters on iPhone created by Orbit in collaboration with RouteYou. Choose from a large database of interesting cycling tours on RouteYou, with road and profile information, documented points of interest and more.

This is how you can use the application:

  1. Select a route from RouteYou streight from the Orbit Cycling app and use your iPhone-GPS to follow the route
  2. Record your route on the Orbit Cycling app and upload it to your RouteYou-account (you can edit it, or just store it on RouteYou for later use by you or your friends)
  3. Create/plan your route on RouteYou (read here about it) and then view it on the Orbit Cycling app.

This app provides you the following great functionality:

Screenshots and overview of the app

You can create/record your route from scratch or you can search for one of the many routes on RouteYou. A lot of the top routes on RouteYou are enriched with POIs. You can read about this by clicking on the POIs or when you come in the neighbourhood of the POI.

You can set your target cycling speed. The position of the pink dot indicates the target speed. The track becomes green or red in case you are before or after your target-speed position.

Link with your RouteYou account

Recording a route with Orbit Cycling

The Orbit Cycling app allows you to record a route on the device and send it to your RouteYou account. Follow the following simple steps:

You can now edit en print your route via

Selecting a route from RouteYou on your Orbit Cycling app

Get your own application based on Obrit Cyling

Orbit can provide a solution to tune the Orbit Cycling application to YOUR Cycling application. That tuning involves the following

If you are interested in this, please contact sales[at-r.] or Orbit.

Support research

Eratosthenes, a project supported by IWT

By using this FREE application, you are helping research! This application is a spin-off of a research project funded by the Flemish Research Fund (IWT or Agentschap voor Innovatie door Wetenschap en Technologie).

The research project Eratosthenes was carried out by Orbit, KaHo Sint-Lieven and RouteYou.

How do you help?

One of the several research aspects of this project is to investigate if we can detect the type of road / path-surface you are following (unpaved, paved, cobbles, MTB-track,...)

Your iPhone has besides a GPS also an accelerometer and digital compass. This information is also analyzed when you send the information to the RouteYou server.

Of course, we don't share this information with others and we are only using this information for this research purpose.

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