Editing a route

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Step by step

Go to step 4 in case you have activated your route in the RoutePlanner

  1. Log in
  2. Select MyRoutes in your personal menu and select a route.
  3. Next to your route, you will see a small pencil. Click on the pencil. Your route will be opened in edit mode in the RoutePlanner.
  4. The green dots on the RoutePlanner are the Waypoints
  5. If you like to plan your route using an alternative trajectory, you can reposition the green dots (or Waypoints), by drag and drop
  6. If you like to learn more about editing your route, read also
  7. -Switch off routing -Change routing options -Add extra Waypoint
  8. As a last step, don't forget to save your route selecting the button send (on the menu left in the RoutePlanner). Once submitted and saved, you will be able to print or download your route.

Specific cases

Shorten your route

Shorten your route at the start

Don't forget to save the route. If you want to keep the old route, save the route as an other one (read here how to do this).

Shorten your route at the end

Don't forget to save the adapted route. If you want to keep the old route, save the route as an other one (read here how to do this).

Split up your route

You can split up a route by starting with the original route, shortening it at the end (e.g. until halfway) and by saving this one as a second route. Again starting with the original route and shortening it at the beginning (e.g. until halfway) and by saving this one as a third route.

Adding or editing a POI of your route

Read more

Edit route after uploading your (GPS) route to RouteYou

You can upload a route recorded with your GPS and edit it on RouteYou. Read here how to upload your route.

Angular route and no perfect match with the map

After uploading your route, it doesn't always fit perfectly to the geometry of the map. You can see that if you zoom in. You see that several points of the route corresponds with the ways on the map but a lot of points don't. You can also see that your route looks a little bit angular.

The cause is, that your route is being generalized (read more about it here).

The effect is also that there aren't route instructions because there is no perfect match between your route and the RouteYou network (read here more about the RouteYou network).

How to let your route correspond with the geometry of the RouteYou network

Once your route has been uploaded you can edit it in the RoutePlanner of RouteYou (read above how to start the route-edit).

Once in the RoutePlanner, do the following

A problem: your roue doesn't follow the way you want

It can occur that the calculated route doesn't correspond with the route you want after doing the action described above.

Read here how to solve the problem.

Practical tip

A practical procedure is the following.

Are you completely wrong? No problem. As long as you don't save the route, the old one retains. Just close the web page and start again.

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